%$%$% Evaluation Copy Prompt

Eval copy noise insert in registered

I’ve downloaded the new 4.05 version and entered registration codes. Why the #### am I getting the “eval copy” message and the insertion of random noise?

This is one buggy product (although you get what you pay for).


This is one buggy product (although you get what you pay for).

Presumably you have V4 codes and have managed to get the earlier builds to register OK.

Did you get any errors when you put the codes in? Are you using 16bit codes with a 24bit soundcard?

Other than that you’ll have to ask Flavio to help.

I’ve got an Edirol UA-25, which is 24 bit, but it’s worked fine previously with the older version 4. It’s the new one, downloaded from “swbig” file that’s having trouble. I went and got the newest build and registered it. Same problem. Irritating.

Now resetting to WME sound mapping fixes the problem. But I have an ASIO enabled sound card and would like to use it rather than the “window 98” generation.

Are you registered for the 16 or 24-bit versions?
If you are only registered for the 16, enabling the ASIO driver sometimes causes the beeps becasue it defaults to 24-bit.

You can also try entering your registration codes again.

Thanks for your post/question. I didn’t know that there were distinct 16/24 bit versions–thought it was just one product in most current build. “The program supports 24bit-192 khz recording, multiple channels soundcards, live input processing, CD burning, mp3 encoding and much more.” (from product home page). Ah, but hidden on the registration types level: "The 24 bit registration costs $75. It includes the standard registration and adds the support for 24 bit soundcards. "

Thanks I’ll pursue the upgrade.

Does anyone have any testimonials re: notable improvement attained by switching to Asio drivers rather than WMD?


I hope things work out with the 24-bit. I messed around with ASIO and got the same beeps, but I only have 16-bit registration.

As for the "you get what you pay for…"
My experience has been some crashes here and there until I finally get everything configured (soundcard, buffers, etc.). Once I have that, the crashes disappear.


i just got the codes i need from Flavio but they don’t seem to be taking!!!

i enter the codes in over and over and over again and the stupid yellow help box keeps popping up giving me information on how to register!!! :angry: what the heck is going on? why is this happening? dammit, now i wish i had never trashed version 3!!!

yup yup yup …got to be a bug.
i just installed new 24 bit soundcard (sb platnium pro).was havin probs so i uninstalled and reinstalled ntrack and now it says thank you for registering but still annoying noise.
as soon as someone gets the answer to this please post and i will do the same.

o yeah forgot
ive used ntrack for 4 yrs.
love it, simple to use…untill now smiles
cant wait to work w 24bit. hope xpectations not too hi.
flaVIO here we come.

flavio rocks… it was complicated and involved a hidden code of some kind but he walked me through it!

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