$60 lap steel

at musician’s friend

The $40 dobro post made me think of it …

$60 lap steel

A friend of mine is a bass player who also plays wicked lap steel, and has a very nice double-neck guitar, picked up the $60 one from MF for one he could more easily drag around.

It rocks! You have to use a right-angle cord, because the jack is in the worst place. (Better, move the jack to the other side of the bridge.) It’s kinda silly; probably built from surplus guitar parts. It has an adjustable bridge, which is of no use on a guitar played only with a slide. And the pickup is a real cheapie, but if you want you can always replace it with a good strat pickup.

Anyway, for $60 it’s a very playable instrument, and comes with a great little case. I’m tempted to get one myself! Yet another instrument to suck on! :wink:

wife was ata rummage sale here in the woods an she came back with “sumthin with Fender on it”,what she found me was a 1949 fender lap steel,great find,an does it growl,like a big ole fat tele pickup on it,and its a monster im tellin ya,had to share it with ya man,

Wow, that merits a little bling bling at least, doesn’t it?

I have a friend who collects gear at yard sales and flea markets, and he has a number of things he found for almost nothing. He just gives it a brief look, starts to walk away but almost as an afterthought, offers half the marked price, and gets it. As a result, he has a number of gems worth thousands that he got for $50 or so. You should see his house! Gear everywhere. He calls it all his retirement plan. He has one of those old Fender lap steels, too.