1 GB of RAM

I heard along the way once that having more than a Gigabyte of RAM in windows can actually slow down performance. I’ve since stuck with that knowledge and used a max of 1 GB in my machines. I’m curious to know though, is that REALLY true? I’ve been running into situations as of late that suggest more RAM would beneficial…

Oddly enough I’m working on my A+ certification and I haven’t seen anything in regards to using only 1 GB. Anyone with some serious know how have any comments on this?



I’m curious to know though, is that REALLY true?

Unlikely in any situation. I just added an extra 1 GB of RAM to my computer at work (2 GB total) and it runs much better with what I’m doing.

This is an old Win98 thing. Windows 98 would essentially ignore RAM over a certain size despite the fact it recognized it. Every Win2k, Win2003 and XP machine I have touched with more than a gig of RAM has been swell. I routinely use a large RAM size on my machines with all the samples I use.

Thanks, that makes sense. :)

Win98 = POS OS. :D

Seriously, I think MS wrote Win 98 to see how many hard drives they could torture test with all the dang disk swapping. I use to have 98 on my desk at work… hated it no matter how much RAM we stuck in. NT4.0 came along… better but what’s all this security crap now? I can’t set my own PC clock? WTH? Next up Win2KPro… ah! Now we’re talkin’! Now we have XP and I can actually get stuff done…