10 Jewish songs recorded with N-Track

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The last 3 have been posted in the past month, some have been there for over a year.

None of them are the final version but I just needed to get my ideas out of my head and into the world. There’s about 4 more songs I plan to do like this before I redo them with other musicians.

At this point it’s just me on all instruments and vocals and pressing record, mixing…

Any thoughts on my music?

Listening to “Kel Adon” right now.
I really like your sound – very clean recording, and the vocal harmonies are especially nicely done. I would lower the low frequencies on the bass a little to give it a little definition and “punch”, but otherwise, very nice.

For those of us who don’t speak Hebrew – would you be willing to post translated lyrics?

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for listening and thanks for the kind words.

That first song was recorded a while ago. I’ve been learning some recording skills as I go along. The top of the list has the first song I recorded and then as you go downthe page are the newer ones. I haven’t gotten to redo any of the earlier songs yet.

There’s 10 songs up there, 9 of which are in Hebrew. That’s a lot of translating.

How about just a digest? The first song Kel Adon is about how God is Master over the universe and how His kindness and greatness influences every living creature.

I don’t have the songlist in front of me. Feel free to ask me if you want more.