-14 Lufs and our “Soft Limiter”

Mastering within n-Track

I'm curious if someone can help: I want to use n-Track's effects as much as I can because they are great. I think I can create a general “Mastering” type EQ and save it so I only have to do minor tweaking from track to track to get a consistent sound. But I'm not skilled enough to rig the controls in the Compressor/Limiter to achieve a nice level for SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. I understand -14 Lufs is a good level to release songs at nowadays…
What settings would you suggest (levels for initial tracks, and then Compression settings for the Soft Limiter to get that final -14 Lufs sound???

I'm pretty new to this whole Precieved Loudness measuring thing.
I Don't think the soft clip feature is going to help things and might actually be an issue in trying to adjust your loudness readings.
So far the best I can tell you is to use the loudness meter and start experimenting.
For years the advise has been to cut instead of raise the EQ.
Near as I can determine that is Very true to get in spec with loudness readings.
With the human ear along with our voices and Guitar's is two and around 1000 and the frequencies that you need to control are from about 100 to 2000, That's where most perceive loudness comes in play.
Look up some of the
graphs on the internet on the way the human ear interpret sound, in other words prescieves loudness. Then you've got to start experimenting because not only do they want to have the loudness factors to be on a minus scale they still want to the normal VU to read in the -.02 area. Seems pretty contradictive.
I am just now really becoming aware of this factor and trying to learn how to make the proper adjustments. I will tell you that on the American scale -24 is what you will read in the online information however every CD that I have checked is in the -15 range.

I understand the broadcast stations are being required
to install hardware to assure that the sound levels do not very too much. That's the objection, commercials come on way too loud. Background music covers up and covers the dialogue in the TV show. Movies have been dealing with this issue for quite some time.

I hope you find a successful way to do this and when you do please be sure to share it with the rest of us. Because until there are software packages that don't cost upwards of $800 I don't know how the rest of us are going to be able to accomplish this in our home studios.

Great advice thanks @bax3! I'll mess around with our compressor and see if I can copy some levels I see in Fabfilter Pro-L2 for a start. I'll post here if I come up with any winners. Imo the only thing I need from n-Track is a little more sophisticated Eq and Limiting, everything else is great for me!