16 Bit, 24 bit problem?

After upgrading to the latest version, I’m having a problem with the program NOT recognizing that I’m a 24 bit ‘user’. NTrack says its an evaluation version and puts a beep in the files. I’ve tried re-entering the registration data, and it makes NO difference. Any ideas?

TNX in advance.

SMC Productions

Use the Feedback form to contact Flavio.
He will most likely issue you new codes to correct your issue.


Right - you probably have the wrong codes. Flavio mistakening did that for me once but quickly sent me the right codes.

PS - I inadvertently posted as Mr. Charlie (even though I am really Mr. Charlie, the real Mr. Charlie). It seems to bother some people that I use this name but I only registered it so no-one else could take it. Sorry about that.

Anywho, in XP and 2000, also make sure you have administrator priveldges on your machine so you can edit the registry etc. If you only have one account on the machine, then you should already be an administrator. Just something to watch out for.