16bit versus 24bit

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Hi all.

I have an Audigy LE sound card, which I’m led to believe is 24bit. I also have the standard 16bit version of nTrack. Now, I read on here all the time about how much better nTrack is in 24bit, but my question is HOW? Pardon my ignorance here, but I’d like to know exactly what is better, and how upgrading to the 24bit version is going to benefit me? Better sound quality? More headroom during recording? If someone can give me the lowdown, I’d be much appreciative. Cheers, Daz


More headroom during recording?

That’s the obvious and subjectively biggest benefit IMO. Greater bit depths generally speaking means more accurate samples. Faster sampling rates means the samples have greater resolution ie there’s more of them. That translates into better sounding reverb tails, better sounding cymbals etc…

D – 24 bit dude and not going back…

see this 2496-en.pdf

you will find that bit depth is more important than sampling frequency

Thanks, that’s really useful guys. Daz

See my post near the bottom of the first page on this thread.