1752 and stuttering?

Hey All
On build 1752, tracks 2,3&4 stutter the whole time while the rest play back fine. It did it with build 1751 also. I am usually running 20 - 24 tracks at 24bit48 Khz. The 3 tracks distort and breakup like an old radio. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am using the emu 1820 and the emu asio drivers. I tried the other drivers and they do the same thing.

I just tried it while disengaging all plugins and it plays normally with no stuttering. I was using the voxengo analog flux tape bus plugin.

Yeah I noticed this happening on my track 2 only… whenever I would add any plugin to track, group or aux, track two would pipe to aux two even though no sends to aux were set. It had that distorted sound that you mentioned. As soon as I removed the plugin, everything was fine… both 1751 and 1752. I sent this to Flavio yesterday evening so hopefully he’ll be able to troubleshoot it.

I also noticed higher latency with plugins which is probably tied to this. LOVE the freeze function though. :D

Hey, I was noticing the same thing on Track 2 with SIR reverb, as well as problems with other combinations of tracks. I’ve been trying the 4.04 beta builds all week with no success and meant to test 1756 and get a bug report in this weekend when I had some time, BUT…

…It looks like I was beaten to the punch, because I just tried 1759 and it looks like the problems are GONE. I’ll be trying to break it this weekend to see if my previous testing hasn’t been completely in vain… :laugh:

Big thanks to Flavio, parkerfly5150, and anyone else who submitted bug reports or worked on this (EDIT: and jeromee for starting this thread) !!! Price aside, this kind of response is the main thing that separates N-track from other software I’ve used. :D