1909 Gibson mandolin from friend's grandmother

Why didn’t my grandma play the mandolin

Bumped into a friend the other day in beautiful downtown Montevideo. He said that he had just rediscovered a mandolin his grandmother had given him. My wife and I invided him and his mandolin over for dinner. It turns out he has a Gibson A Junior. That was the low budget “A” style mandolin Gibson made in the early 1900s. The budget model doesn’t have fancy bindings or rosette or nifty perflings and probably a rosewood neck instead of ebony. There were a couple of tiny cracks in the face and back. Luckily he didn’t have time to try to fix the cracks with “liquid nails” or refinish the whole thing with varnish as he thought he might do at one point.

I told him not to do anything with the mandolin but put new strings on it and play it til his fingers bleed. It is a sweet little instrument and I am trying really hard not to covet my neighbor’s mandolin.