1968 Yamaha FG180

River Road-sorta


I’m addicted to acoustic guitars. Not much money to throw so I must buy inexpensive. Anyhow thats how I ended up w a FG180. Got it on sale $250 and refretted and new nut and saddle, etc. THought it was solid top but now I know is all laminate. Some say the sound on these old ones is variable and mine stands in there ok against some solid wood guitars I have.

But anyhow, I put new extra lights on and recorded this. Took me 50 tries and is my way of practise I believe.

I like ntrack because its inexpensive and I have simple needs. This recording has no effects. I have two mics set up through a audiobuddy and cassette deck w two rca’s split to one digital to the back of my computer.

Should I put a little reverb on? Is the bass too boomy in spots? How do you like the tone of the FG180?



Sounds pretty good to me, would have to play many different positions to
understand how it is overall, but I think you got a good deal.
Is it one of
the so called “red label” FG180s (label in sound hole)?
Not hearing lots of boom, what kind of mics?
You can add effects (verb) if you like, n-track has its own.
But sometimes you can
find a cool place in your living space with natural verb and try that.

Yes its a Red Label Nippon Gakki. The new frets, etc cost $450, so $700 canadian all told. Some good all solid imports around for that money these days.

Nice guitar all the same. I’ll keep it for awhile and maybe get $200-250 later down the road…its all fun.

The mics I use are ECM8000 Behringer…bought em years ago when they first came out.

Added a touch of reverb Anwida soft (small room bright). It soften it too:


Sounds pretty good! :agree:

Hi acoustic40:

You have a nice smooth playing style…
The right and left hands work well together…


Sounds about right. Might be able to tweek the lower mids a click or two. Like Bill says, nice playin!

Hey thanks Yaz Bill and Levi. I’ll try tweekin the mid bass too. Thanks