2 basic feature requests

clip lock to grid, audio quantize

  1. currently midi & wave clips stay in their exact spot when the tempo is changed, leave gaps and misaligned measures, unless its the first measures.
    It would be nice to have the option to lock the midi clips to the grid so when the tempo changes all the clips stay aligned. (wouldn’t mind this being the default option)

    2. Audio quantize with quantize to markers option.

referring to feature request 1
I am correct that the midi doesn’t stay snapped to the grid on a new tempo change?
I’ve tried everything I could think of.
I also noticed that there is no undo with changing the tempo.
Anyway I just wanted to make sure the midi feature didn’t already exist and I missed something simple.
I found a post a few months back that seemed to point out, wasn’t sure if it was ever sorted.

I am enjoying looping much better than the old cut and paste method, would be nice to have the flexibility.