2-Channel Amp Sim

plug-in suggestions?

I have been using Simulanalog Guitar Suite, mainly.
Now I need a two channel amp, and the “JCM900” in the Suite has got the wrong sound for the song I’m working on.

G-Amp Phat is another sim, its got the sound and two gain sections, but the routing and GUI functionality makes it a bit problematical to use as a two channel amp. I’m just looking for something simple, bright and warm sounding with channel switching.

I’m mainly looking at freeware now, even though an commercial solution is OK,too, if its got what I’m looking for and is reasonably priced.

K-V-R got lots and lots, finding the right one from there would be difficult. So suggestions, anyone?




Thanks!I tried Freeamp 2 earlier, but this (Freeamp 3.5) looks more promising for what I need right now.


I don’t know about the routing, but the LePou amp sims are very nice, they have multiple channels and dual IR cabs.

Umm, how about Slayer2?
It’s a physical modeler vsti, but it does have a separate amp/cab/fx vst if you want to chain a different vsti(s) into it.
Unregistered copy is a 15 minute demo though.

See http://refx.com/?lang=en&page=products/slayer2/summary .

Hmm, there used to be three mp3 samples on that webpage, but now there’s only a preset demo sample.
I haven’t used it in awhile, but I guess it’s a one 1-channeler though, you’ll have to check yourself.

Here’s one old review: http://reviews.sonikmatter.com/vst/slayer_2.php