2 new songs!

That makes 11 so far.

Hey all
Here are two new songs that my band has recorded.On the first song I experimented with using one mic on the drums, a rode nt2 and 2 on guitar and vocs, cad equitek2 on vocals/rode nt2 on acoustic. On the 2nd song same drum config plus bass direct, mando & resonator with oktava mk219, vocal overdub with cad e2. Let me know what you think. These were all recorded live except song 2 which has a resonator and voc overdub. CD #2 in the works for 19 months now its wrapping up :) Song 1Song 2

Man, those are sweet!!!

THANKS!!! Here are a couple pics of the setup.

those sound great! Good job.

Very nice job. I definitely will not be posting my recording setup now that I have seen his!


Thanks guys, for the kind comments! NO ONE should ever feel ashamed of the gear they use. It’s the final product that counts. Not how you achieved that product. It just happens that I have been a recording gearhead from the time I got a cassette recorder(age6) to now. I started getting serious when I was 11, with a 4track cassette,(only if 4 trk cass. is considered a serious medium) . Needless to say at 34 I have alot of junk. :D Thanks again!!!

Out Of Time is dang! good :)