2 Questions I Feel a n-track frequent user can fix

Unlock selection?
“Dont record option”

Hi Guys and Gals,
Newbie here. Im using n-track 7.
Some way I turned off the “DONT RECORD” Round light option on the Record VU Meter, next to the “SOLO and MUTE” Options. I Need help to get the little light to turn back on.

2nd, again some how I started to use my mouse to select a track and it will NOT let me?
A pop up says to turn off “Scroll Lock Keyboard Key
I have no clue how to fix these issues, however I can say, I sure tried for a long time before I came here.

If you can help me, I would like to say TY in advance for your time.


Clicking on the left hand box record button should open a menu to select what action you want. However, the comment suggests that there may be problem with your keyboard or it's software. Some software have hot keys that can be set to use the scoll lock… do you have anything like that.
If you don't, I'd try reinstalling the keyboard. You can also, reset your n-Track confit and/ or uninstall/reinstall n-Track.

Hi bax3,

TY for all your info. I learned a lot as I got carried away searching other icons, reading the help section etc. The good news is that thanks to you searching in the correct areas I found a very easy fix.

I left clicked on the off/on indication light on the track next to solo and mute (it was gray/off) and selected stereo record, 2nd option down under “DONT RECORD That Was Selected” (other options there like mono tracks etc.) AND THE RED LIGHT CAME BACK ON :)

I appreciate your fast reply and help, that truly made my day!

THANK YOU :peace:

By the way, thanks to you I started making a keyboard shortcut card I can use to memorize them.

Glad I could help. Your keyboard short cut sounds interesting.

regarding your keyboard remark, I am simply using index cards with whatever “F10” = XXX" for example and so on for all the other shortcuts. Its only for helping me memorize them by setting the cards on my desk when using a DAW.

TY again,


Sounds like a great learning tool.

Im a big note taker and like the sticky notes too. I tape those on a regular piece of paper and put those inside a plastic paper cover for a binder and have them forever, In fact I have too many, LOL! For me I can always Look back at something on paper or PC, unlike my memory :)