2 Songs at Motagator

New song and new mix

2 songs at Motagator just posted this a.m.
1st song is ‘Still Falling Down’ with a reworked organ and bass tracks. Mix needs some work I know.
2nd song is ‘I Been Thinking’ a straight blues tune.
Mark Wilson Vocals and Bass
Rich (Yaz) Teague Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Machine, Concussion.
Tracee Teague Backing Vocals on 'Still Falling down’

Wilson Teague Project

Any comments or suggtestions are welcome! :)

Yaz (The grey haired old fart holding the Les Paul)

Geez, Yaz, I’m trying very hard to find something bad to say about these tracks…


Hi Gents:

I wish I had a faster Internet connection…
Even at the lo-fi position I only get short bursts of audio…
Then long waits of buffering…

I’m sure Paul uses Collaboration Central as his Host’s Server…
I always remember that server to stream quite well for me…


Those songs and mixes sound just great over here… What sample rate are those mp3’s?

I’m with Tom. These tracks sound just dandy to me. I didn’t even find the grey haired gent holding the Les Paul to be as farty as you described either! :laugh:

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Tom, I re-listened to the mix last night, a little too wet. I hate doing re-mixes.

Bill, sorry you’re having trouble streaming, the lo-fi is only 64bt, the hi-fi is 160bt. Maybe the little player with both songs will play better for ya.

Melody, thank the Lord the photo’s weren’t up close. hehehe, Every day I look into the mirror and find another grey hair and wrinkle! But hey, guess it beats the alternative, pushing up daisies!

Yaz :)

OK, I will offer the following criticism: the mix is a little wet.

I don’t believe my criticism, however.

Thanks for the critique Tom, maybe I’ll do a remix! :)


I'm sure Paul uses Collaboration Central as his Host's Server.. I always remember that server to stream quite well for me..

No - not for a long time now.
Motagator is hosted by a company that specialises in this type of music download site and I know that their servers are set up and tuned accordingly.
Sorry Bill - I guess that you are just at the end of a very long bit of wire ;)

Hi Paul:

What a great looking Page/Site
you have there…
I really enjoyed looking around there…
It appears like it’s getting HIT…
Big Time… There’s quite a large variety of Music Flavors being posted there, as well…
That’s really healthy…
I know that it takes a lot of hard work and many hours to keep it maintained…

It’s disappointing to go to a page like that and start browsing around knowing that it would take me forever to buffer some of the music files that are there that I may be interested in…

I hi-speed Internet connection would look so good on me… I spend so much of my time either uploading-or-downloading necessary files…
It’s very fatiguing doing that day-after-day…



I really like the first song - “Still Falling Down.”
I especially like the right channel rhythm guitar: was it played in one take, or did you have to cut and paste it?

I went to a Johnny Winter concert back in the spring, and the “transition” he used to get from song to song, was a version of that same rhythm guitar pattern, and the crowd loved it… almost as much as the songs.

BTW, I like the 2nd song too, but I wasn’t feeling too blusy this evening, so the first one fits my mood.

Just for fun… when you get the mix “right” on “Still Falling Down,” could you post it side by side to this mixdown, so I could hear the difference?


One day I’ll come on here and boast about how nice my Hi-speed connection is…

Thanks to pasher for dropping in and clearing up the streaming question! :agree:

Bill, I had dial up until May of this year, went with dsl and love it. I’ve listened to a ton of music over at Motagator and links from here. If I had to go back to dial up, doubt I would even get back on the internet.

Iplan, thanks for listening, yes all the guitars and bass were done in one take. There’s little mistakes and what not in there, they just get covered up in the mix. I’ve posted “drier” mixes at Motagator, pretty much same mix just less reverb and delay, it was getting late when I did the first two mixes and I got in a hurry, my ears were tired from too long at the mixer and 'puter, but I was pushing to get the mixes up, something I should never do when music is involved.

Yaz :)

I would like to chime in on this one.

“Still Falling Down” has very nice “wet” sound and would not likely change that aspect. On the other hand, as a Bass player first and guitar player second, I must say bring the Bass track to the fore front of the mix as in the Bluse tune and I think you will have a winner. I also, want to say that the bluse tune reminds me of the sound and feel of a solid Roben Ford tune.

Overall, very nice songs!

Thanks for listening BogoZ, yep, we (Mark and Myself) have been tooling with the bass issue. It’s not a mix issue as much as a trying to figure out how to record it. We still plugging away at it.

Yaz :)