2009 CMT Music Awards


Tonight at 7pm Centeral time, the main time zone! :laugh:
Some great adult intertainment with actual music.
Themes, lots of soul, scales, lyrics, feeling, dynamics, performances.
Man these country folk do know how to get down!

I have to admit that the bass players need to pick it up a tad but they are great too!
Country music is really incoumpusing it all these days!

I’m not getting spelling errors with my new browser :laugh: hope this all made sense to ya!

If you can’t get it on the tv, maybe www.cmt.com and help


I'm not getting spelling errors with my new browser

that's a bummer

:laugh: Bothers ya? Good!

It was a good show. The stage and lighting where amazing! The bands, awsome. Taylor Swift is the darling of country today. She has an infectious uninhibited pure free spirited desire to rock, that won her a couple CMT awards. The country music fan base is huge and amazing and groups like Kieth Urban, Braid Pasily, Rosco Flats blew them away with flawless performances. Just to name a few.

for some reason, i like some of rascal flatts’s stuff. “fast cars and freedom” i dig as well as “mayberry”. part of my idiosyncratic behavior.

Think some of that behavior was showin up in the choris parts of that new song y’all just finished! :laugh: I enjoyed that!

Rosco Flats! Ya that’s hot band! And they have a great picker, kicker, basser, singer. So many of those country players are fantastic.