+20dB Mic boost disappears

Suddenly everything gets very quiet…

Has anyone experienced this? I’ll be recording vocals, and suddenly the recording VUmeter shows a much lower volume.

It turns out that for some unknown reason the +20dB mic boost (under Recording-> Advanced Properties) has disappeared even though the check box remains checked.

However, if I uncheck the box, click OK, re-open Advanced Controls for Mic, and re-check the box and click OK again, the +20dB boost comes back and all is well … until it disappears again at some random time. Very strange.


try reinstalling the drivers for the soundcard. ?

What kind of soundcard is it?

i dont think ya really want that boost on man cause it makes it noisy as all ####,sounds to me like yer usin a on board soundcard,if so,go without the 20 boost in the mic,an to begin with,ya dont wanna go through yer mic input,ya want line input,this will quiet up yer trax big time,line in for record,an then the lower the setting of line in will make yer trax quieter too ,less noise im sayin,go for a happy medium if thats the case that yer usin yer on board soundcard,have fun,