21 March 1960, Sharpeville massacre

Turning point in SA history

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We have a public holiday on Tuesday, and I took Monday off to make a long weekend (yay !)

We are remembering Sharpeville - the event that took the ANC from an orginisation peacefully opposing the apartheid laws to becoming a millitant underground force.

The holiday is called Human Rights day.

Please take a moment and check it out ?

This event also started the change in Beyers Naude, a (at the time) powerfull pastor in the Dutch Reformed church. He ended up leaving the church and the ‘broederbond’, and being pushed out and persecuted himself, as he believed that being a true Christian and opressing groups of people is by definition mutually exclusive.



Thanks for the link Wihan.
I was only seven years old at the time of Sharpeville, but I can remember being very confused about South Africa and the apatheid system.


Hi Wihan:
Thanks for your post on this Day-in-History, in your country. The peoples of the world need to take a step back and reflect on how the Country of South Africa is attempting to be seen by other countries of the world. I don’t know a lot of history regarding this and how the people of your country is struggeling with all this…

South Africa is seen by Bluenoser’s to be at the other end of the earth… when in fact IT ain’t so far away if the distance was only checked… The same goes with the southern countries of South America… Well…



The holiday is called Human Rights day.

Definitely a holiday worth celebrating. Thanks for the link Wihan!

Thanks all !

I think it is a good thing to reflect on these things, not to think about it and point fingers and hate the guys that did it, but so that we can remind ourselves that things have been far worse, and that people can be evil if they’re given the chance. Then we just need to guard ourselves against that, and celebrate the fact that there were brave people that stood up against it, giving people hope.