24-bit and 96Khz+ recording

Why can’t ntrack and my audio card work?

I have ntrack 4.0.5 build 1841 24-bit version which supports both 16-bit and 24-bit recording/playback in Asio and WDM mode as well as up to 192kHz audio. Correct? I also have a ESI WamiRack 192X which supports all the same features. So why is it I continually get “unsupported audio format” when I try to use something other than 16-bit 44.1Khz audio? I am pretty familiar with the ASIO and WDM control panels, and the audio preferences, et cetera. Any ideas? Did this use to work in ver 3? Thanks,

Have you chosen the right drivers in the Audio Drivers setup in your preferences? Try each one first.

Are you sure you have the right codes? There are special codes for the 24-bit versio. At least that was my problem using ver 3.x. Check with Fabio that you have the codes for 24 bit.

Thanks for the responses. I have tried Asio, WDM, and MME. None of those seem to support 24 bit anything. And in my “about” page it says 24 bit, and I’m pretty sure I installed that version… is there a better place to check?

Hey Paul,
I don’t have a Wami Rack, so it’s kinda hard to advise, but how do you have the Wami Rack driver set up? I took a quick look at the manual, and I get the idea that if you have the clock set to “Lock” and you have selected a sample rate, then n-Track and other software won’t be able to change it to any other rate. If so, maybe you can either try “Auto”, or change the sample rate to 96 or whatever you need, then match it in n-Track. Also, each time you change settings, it might be good to restart n-Track just so you know n-Track isn’t ignoring on-the-fly changes (I have to do this with mine when I make ASIO buffer changes, but you may not have to–just a suggestion).

Also, what do you have the clock source set to? It looks like “Internal” would be the right choice.

If you’ve already tried all this, maybe you can try changing to each Wami device listed in the n-Track preferences one at a time and see if any behaves any better.

Anyway, that’s all for now; hope you didn’t roll your eyes too hard if you’ve already done all this…


Oh, some sound cards you have to use special software that came with it, to switch it to 24bit… I think with my MAudio card you can lock it to one bit rate, or set it to change itself when you play a file. Maybe it’s something like that?

I suspect issues with the sound cards drivers.I can’t record 24bit either with my Emu 1820.Sample rates I can change but if I try to record 24bit the levels pin to the max rendering anything I record unintelligable.If I select ASIO drivers Im not even given the option of selecting 24bit…Stays locked at 16bit.Not really impressed right now as my other software(Cubase VST 5.1)will allow me to record in 24bit,but when I hit the export audio button to mixdown to wav.,the resulting wav. forms are flatlined with no audio whatsoever??