24 bit nag screen

Does support even respond anymore?

Hello All,
I’ve recently dusted off the Ntrack program and decided to give it another whirl. Whenever I enable recording I’m getting a nag screen about “upgrading to 24 bit”. I’m not recording at 24, I’m recording at 16 bit and have all the options so enabled. I’ve emailed support but haven’t recieved any response?
I’d also sent an email last week about a .dll error and didn’t get a response. Does support respond anymore or are all the pre v5 owners SOL?
Any ideas of how to get around this would be greatly appreciated.

i can only suggest the usual checklist of things to do - which you will have done already but -

click on hammer on recording VU meter, check 16 bits is selected -

same for output VU meter -

keep SAMPLE RATE to 44100 and do not use ASIO drivers as this can trigger 24bit nag screen -

Flavio was answering queries last week - latest build has bug fix.s i sent in to him -

which .DLL is giving you grief ?

Dr J

Hi gunner:

Recently, I’ve been getting mail that I know I should be getting
in my Server’s junk mail folder…
The server I have has been hit with Malware and spam and has readjusted their mail filters
You might check in there (your junk mail) for replies that you know you should be getting …

You might want to check to see if your audio card has later drivers…

Go to FreeDriverScan and do yourself a favor…