24 bit to wav file

Does it Work?

:) Hey, I am so glad Flavio has the machine up and running again! That was my first experience with damage from hackers, and... well, I am trying to find out if 24 bit wav files can be burned onto a cd using Musicmatch (I have upgraded, but it came with my HP computer.) I am having trouble doing this, and Musicmatch has not been of help, so far. Anyone have any ideas?

Billy Hopkins
Chattanooga, TN

You need to convert all wavs to 16 bit/44.1khz to burn them to CD with most burning programs. You can use r8brain to do the conversion and it is a free download.

Thanks, Bubba

I’ll try it!

Of course, you can just do a 16-bit mixdown, using the “More ->” button on Mixdown. However, r8brain’s noise shaping dither algorithm may be better.

Learjeff is correct, but I suggested r8bran for exactly the reason he stated. It does sound better (to me at least.)