24 bit version 4.04

Hi guys.

I’ve bought 24 bit version 4.03. When I install 4.04 it stands as 16 bit and I hear evaluation sounds with the songs created by 4.03. I understand it is due to the bit depth difference. What I don’t understand is why my 24 bit registration codes which were said to be good for 4.0x versions became 16 bit. Did anybody face anything like that?

I’ve tried to e-mail this question to Flavio but got no response, probably, by some external reasons.

Be patient. Flavio is based in Italy and is probably not working much right now because of the Pope’s death and funeral.

He’ll get you fixed up pretty quick.


Thanks for response, gtr4him.

I’m trying to be patient with all my might: when I mentioned that I’ve tried to email to Flavio, I meant a couple of times within last 30 days.

Did anybody face anything like that?

No but when I bought the 3.x 24-bit version, Flavio inadvertently sent me the 16-bit registration codes. Maybe that happened again?

I had a simular problem. Email Flavio and include the codes you are entering. If the code is the probles, he will send you a new one.

If you never got a response from Flavio, it may be because he’s unable to reach you. If you have 2 email addresses, give him both.


Also make sure your email program, or provider, is not filtering out (as junk, or spam) any responses Flavio could be sending.

I remember receiving an email one time form a friend, replying to it, and getting it bounced back to me by his email provider, saying it was sent from a corrupted address, or some such non-sense. And I was just replying to an email he had sent to me!

Hey Insister,

Did you use the Contact button on the left side of your screen to contact Flavio?
I had the same problem as you and sent a message last night through the form you can get to using the Contact button.

Aside from getting your message to Flavio, it sends a confirmation email back to you so you know you can hear back from him.

I had an email from Flavio this morning with new codes, so n-Track 4 is now running happy at 24 bits.