24 bit version

any problems?

Hi, i was wondering if anybody has ahd any problems w/ the 24 bit version of N. I have the latest 16 bit version already. I’ve been palying w/ pro tools m-powered too & ya know, it pretty bad that w/ PT you don’t even get a eq already assigned to a track & you have to put it on an aux send or use 1 of your plugin spaces for it which eats up cpu! anyway i was wanting some feedback on the 24 bit version of N. I use an AP 2496 card, p4, 512 ram, 160 hd, win xp sp2. If i get the 24 bit version can i download it & put it on a disc (so i don’t have to hook up my music computer to the net) or will i have to buy it from flavio? thanx for the replies!!

24 biut shoul dbe no problem. Just buy the upgrade to the 24 bit version, download it, burn to CD, and then install it on the DAW. All you would need then to get it working are the reg codes.

FWIW, if you use the track EQ in n-Track it too uses cpu. :)

How many plug in spaces do you get in that version of PT?

24bit is worth every penny. Ive been using it since it was first released. Effects, reverb etc, all pay off in 24bit mode. I notice more spacious dynamics etc. Trust me there is a difference between 16bit and 24bit.


Trust me there is a difference between 16bit and 24bit.

Yup. 8 bits! :D

Ah but those 8 bits are well worth the extra $ if you have 24 bit capable hardware. The extra headroom is wonderful!


The difference between 16 and 24bit is like night & day, particularly if you have good quality front end gear like preamp, microphones, interface, etc. When I first starting using 24bit nT, I didn’t notice a bunch of difference. Once I started upgrading my signal chain and monitors, that’s when 24 bit really convinced me of it’s value. So, get ready for a case of G.A.S. (if you haven’t been bit already).


Hi guys, sorry i’m so late getting back w/ a reply. To answer Toms Q, i get 5 plugin spaces w/ PT & 5 bus spaces. Like i said though, i’d think that a program like PT would automatically give an eq on a track but thats not the case. 1 thing though, i am recording to my system drive (160 G) & when i use just a few plugins the CPU meter starts growing. I guess i should get an external drive like it says in the manuel & other ppl say that too. :D Even my old korg D1200 has an eq already assigned to each track. I know that all fx uses CPU but i ain’t never seen anything eat CPU like this PT program. I’d like to say too, thanx for the replies! this forum has been great! I’ve been on PT’s forum and there’s some real jackasses there! you guys are WAY more helpful here. I asked 1 Q there (PTMP) in a post & this guy replies " you need to read the Getting Started manuel" :p No kidding! These forums are meant to help ppl out & that’s what you guys do here & i’m thankful for every bit of info y’all have given out THANX TO ALL HERE!!