24 vs 16 bit, V 5 vs V 4

Hi there,

I am sure a few of you have read my problems on a couple other threads and I am pretty sure my 24 bit card needs a 24 bit version regardless of having the 16 bit packed box checked. Here is my question.Should I just DL 24 bits and run my V 4.04
or bite the bullet and go to V 5? What is everyones opinion on stability between the 2 versions?

have you tried V5 ? - if not download it, you have 30 days (with squeeks and bleeps) to try it in demo mode -

Dr J

I have it DL now but am not sure if it is 24 bit. Is it? Looking at the “About” window does not tell me the Version info like
when you have a reg version just tells me it is unregistered. I have had a couple of asio messages and wonder if it is 24 bit. Thanks for any info.

The demo is only 16 bits, but you do have the 24 bit version downloaded - V4 and V5. The way to get to 24 bits is to use a specific 24 bit reg code. You will see 24 bits (or not) in the about window when it’s registered.

Keep in mind that some cards, while being 24 bit capable, aren’t 24 bits in all driver modes. I don’t know about your card, but mine is 24 bits only in some modes. (Echo PureWave, which happens to be one of the MME modes in n-Tracks) While my card supports ASIO, WDM, and MME, ASIO and WDM will only work as 16 bits.

the demo is 16 bits - as there is not much between 4 and 5 as far as recording/playback is concerned, its best just to add a track to the timeline and then go through every possible feature to see what happens -

5 is more complicated to learn than 4 and some of the ways that 4 did something will be done a diferent way in 5 - there are a lot of undocumented fearures in 5 some of which you will find by accident, some are rather more obscure -

after having 5 from the start i find switching to 4 is like going back to the stone age -

Dr J

I am using my pod XT and THOUGHT it was 24 bit which is why I thought I was having trouble with the 16 bit setting on n track. I have even been restarting when I change settings trying to keep from getting a asio error message when I arm the track. So should I set all my prefs on 16 and check the 16bit packed box ? Should I keep the sample rate at 44100?
I would just as well stick with 16 bit if I can get it to run.There is something simple which is eluding me.

The actual error is “error creating asio buffers” when I hit the arm button.I am definitley missing something here. Any Ideas ?

Figured it out.The default bit rate on the pod driver setting would not let me change it from 24 to 16. It would not highlight so clicking on it which I did about 100 times did nothing. Unplugged the usb and plugged it back in and it let me go to 16 bit. Thanks for all the advice.

I’ve got a GuitarPort and it gave me all kinds of problems trying to use it directly. I don’t bother anymore. I also had to do the clicking setti g trick to figure out what worked and what didn’t. The main trick was having both input and output GuitartPort devices selected in n-Tracks (I mentioned that in another thread. Unfortuantely, I would never use the GuitarPort as the ouptut device in my setup). Another was what you figured out – having the sample rates and that stuff match. I don’t remember what tricked it into working though, since I thought they were matching…well…obviously not. Maybe what you just figured out was it in my case as well and I didn’t know it. :)

Glad you are up an running!

I’m a bit late on this topic… Sort of answering the original question…

The update to 24 bits is certainly worth having - the additional headroom is useful and I can certainly hear a difference in tracks between 16 & 24 bits.

As for V4 vs V5. Well I’m one of those (lucky?) folks who has never had a problem with V4 so I’m quite happy with it. I do have a registered version of V5 and I have used it for a couple of projects but for the time being I’m sticking with V4.