2467 n-TD fader and solo problem.

Is it a bug or is it me?

Noticed in 2467 that the track channel fader and solo functions don’t work on a n-TDrums track. Then tried with 2461 - same - which made me wonder if it’s one of my famous brainless moments?

PS it will mute though.

I have asked about the routing for n-Drums and vsti’s but get nothing. They are being routed to synth groups or channels - just find the synth channel in the mixer that has n drums on it.

I’ll go see if that is the problem.

Works fine on the synth channel - open the mixer with the top mixer button in the toolbar - you’ll see it. Above and slightly right of the LIVE button.

OR… You can select the mixer for the synth channel with the “blue note” icon.

i dont know why there are faders for MIDI tracks - there is no volume to alter in a MIDI track/song - the level of a MIDI note is set by the velocity levels which are shown in the piano roll - i do however think that a VU meter that shows MIDI activity in a track is a good idea, as least you know that something is happening - the faders for MIDI should be greyed out and the correct fader that is associated with the VSTi be the only one to use - show instrument faders should be automaticly inserted in the track fader bank and not an option in a menu that a lot of people do not know exists



Yep. When I was using n, I always had all the faders enabled in the Master Mixer. Of course the MIDI/Synth faders did not appear until a MIDI track and/or VSTi track was inserted. Personally, I think it would be best if the default was ALL enabled and if someone didn’t want them in the MAster Mixer for whatever reason they could disable them. I just never liked having several mixer “views” to jump around. I prefer them all in one spot.


Got it thanks Pop (it’s easy when you know how) :agree:

Thanks MR. I agree.

Hi Levi. Too much blues will turn a honky a strange violet :laugh:

Thanks D. Yup. Why’re you off n?

Quote: (TonyR @ Apr. 02 2009, 10:08 AM)

Thanks D. Yup. Why're you off n?

I like Reaper better. *shrug*

It runs better on my systems, no crashes, better editing features, hella better MIDI clip handling, better VSTi/DXi handling... Lot's of reasons really...

Another *shrug*... No matter... run whatcha brung.


PS Reaper V3 Beta is looking frickin' awesome.

Reaper does look cool. I’m married to n now. I can look but not touch :laugh:


there is no volume to alter in a MIDI track/song


I know, Phoo. But the channel fader should be routed to ntd plug.

Quote: (TonyR @ Apr. 02 2009, 10:08 AM)

Hi Levi. Too much blues will turn a honky a strange violet :laugh:

haha you owe me a blues tune now! :D

I want to add that 2467 is looking awsome so far! :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: