2495 freezes

and shuts down computer

I’m getting a solid freeze of my comp when attempting to adjust the ntrack graphic equalizer with build 2495.

Also when trying to move a part or track to the left auto scroll makes it impossible to move it any distance other than 1/16 of an inch at a time.
Anyone else notice these probs on your machines?

Also noticed the puppet on a string feel when trying drag a part to a new track.
A little like the midi feel when draggin a midi part onto the track line. Actually it’s more like a yo’yo! Feels like a yo,yo at the end of the string.

On this screen shot.
Notice the string settings on the eq.
Can anyone do that? Place the #1 noid with a dip at the 800 - 1000k range?
with 2 and 3 holding steady? I’ve tried to copy that and can’t.
Can you?

The freeze isn’t happening with the equalizer adding eq to flavios demo on another machine.
Must have something to with the enormity of the songs data on the other machine.
But then Flavio’s demo doesn’t contain many effects.
The laptop I tested on has almost 2 gigs of memory, same as the crashing daw.

Interesting, I just tested the freezin EQ on my DAW and it’s ok today. The only logical answer I can give is that this is a fresh start up. It’s possible that after using the DAW for a few hrs it’s more venerable to cpu slurps.
Cheers :agree:

It helps to flush your ram sometimes with a re-start.
Did you ever get the EQ to act like you wanted?

Yea but I’m really havein a time trying to get the bass audible on my laptop.
Sounds great in the studio monitors though.
Doin a bunch of short remix’s and then testin on the laptop.
Some groups bass parts are as lound and clear on my laptop as the voice and guitar.
The big ledgers make it sound right.
Psychoacoustics and good taste I guess!
Anyway nTrack EQ; I was probably heatin up the processor a little, the equalizer is fine however I’m a little nervous about loading a new preset while the song plays.
Guess I’ll go test that in a min.

The bass frequencies may not be as low as you think in the mixes that seem to have bass on the laptop. It can be deceiving.

Quote: (phoo @ Aug. 06 2009, 7:12 PM)

The bass frequencies may not be as low as you think in the mixes that seem to have bass on the laptop. It can be deceiving.

Thx for remindin me Phoo I've heard that before, will give it a try. :agree:

I did try adding and changing eq settings with the song playin, and no problems today.
I’ve just done another marathon session starting at 3:30 pm ending now 1:29am restarted my comp once the entire time.

But here is an interesting fact.
You can remove the midi track from the track view (the very same one you right clicked
to add the midi inst) and save the song, close nTrack, open the song back up and the midi track will be gone from the track view BUT will still load until you right click and remove the midi inst from the mixer!:wink: Think that was causing my cpu, eq crashing.

I noticed the midi track playing even without a track loaded while an instrument was in line. I may explore that today.

Another thing I’ve noticed although it isn’t much of a problem, just an oddity. When adjustin the volume on the embedded graphic equalizer with a mouse roller, the time line shrinks and enlarges instead of the volume changing. But a second click on the volume fader will allow changes to the volume. ???

Another oddity, when doing punchin takes and your zoomed in; N isn’t stopping at the end of the highlight and when you do stop it, the highlighted area that your working on isn’t in view.
What’s wrong with that?
If your writing and developing an idea your thought process is interrupted while you reposition the timeline view.
I suppose you could just hit the zoom button for the highlighted area but at that point that view would be way to close.
This is more of a comfort issue, an important one though.
It would be nice to have n remember the zoom level your at and always center the highlighted area by default when you hit stop.
When using the punch in tool :D

Auto scroll is to fast to be useful imo.