2573 Probs?

Aux’s aren’t working?
Can’t change drum samples in n-TDrums?
Anyone else?

Turns out to be another problem that exists only with the one song (my problem child).
I couldn’t replicate the issues with a new test track.

Tony - have you tried to delete the .npk file for your problem song? Can you use the .wav files in a new .sng file if you start new and inport the .wav files?
The .npk files contain information about the files that is regenerated by n-track if they are deleted - no harm to delete them at all.
The .sng file contains all the settings you apply to the sound (usually .wav) files. settings like faders, aux, efffects and of the changes you are applying “on the Run” to the sound.

Thank you, Bax. That’s music to my ears. I hadn’t got round to fully understanding the importence of the .npk’s. Yes, I have rebuilt this *%$
£ing song tooo many times to number but shyed away from interfering with the npk’s.
The ‘problem child’ is almost complete now and ready to mix so I’ve started to strip away all the effects that I’d inserted along the way in preperation for setting up a couple of aux’s. I’ve had no trouble in this area with other tracks.
Q? If I delete all! the npk’s from this song and then hit ‘save’ will that then create a new npk?
Cheers, dude.

Delete the .npk files in Windows Explorer - don’t do this with N_track running! The n=track program is using them when the tracks are open in N-track. So, shut down N_track, delete the .npk files and start and reload N_track .sng (File > Open).
After it loads, I’d try running the song and see if anything works better.
Next I’d try open the sound files one at a time into a new project. Reload/open or import the sound files one at a time into a new N-Track file and see if the sound files will play. If they do, I’d try loading the effects you are using one at a time to see if any one of them is causing a problem. If you find that an effect is the cause - you may be able to load the original sng and just remove that effect.

Bax! You’ duh maan!
Ahead of clocking your above instructions, I hatched a cunning plan and cut all 95 npk’s to a pen-drive and replaced them one at a time - very strange, watching and hearing the mix come back together, in increments. (yes - closing and relaunching n each time, as you mentioned). Found a few gremlins and thru away dozens that didn’t make any difference to the mix.
Thanks again, bud’.

Glad to help. :;):

Hi Gents:

I presume that b2573
is now O.K.

Could you find that there was any one issue that fixed the issue you had with the npk files?
with build 2573?


Hi Bill. Can I appologise to all for heading this thread with a suggestion that there was an issue with the build (2573). My mistake.

(spoken like a sincere ‘party’ candidate) :laugh:

Bill - it could have been any number of flakey npk’s. A track I’ve been working on got very messy and complex and has been riddled with problems, all, doubtless, due to my ineptitude. Antway, I binned loads that didn’t seem to have a funtion and the track is more stable so I assume one or more were bent.
Cheers guys.