3.3 to 4.1

Is it gonna hurt?

Hello people,

I have happily stuck with 3.3 as I am hardly advanced enough to push the limits of that software… but last night I discovered how much better the compressor can make even my basic -demo to give to band mates pre studio- sound so much better. I have the codes for 4.1 to so it’s not going to cost anymore.

I saw this board pretty full of bugs and minor complains in the early days of 4.0; now I don’t see so many…

Is it safe for me to upgrade my amateur self now would ya say?

Cheers :)

your braver than i my friend,

I haven’t had much trouble at all with the latest build. I don’t do a lot of recording at the moment, but it works pretty smoothly most of the time.

My only problem at the moment is that I can’t get the n-track reverb to work in the “always-on” eq window for vst-i channels; it works ok for regular channels but not for vst-i’s.

I’ve mailed Flavio about this a couple of times but so far no response; maybe he’s on holiday.

Is anyone else having this problem? Also are there any other problems with v4 outstanding as far as anyone knows? I feel it would be good to air this subject as it might encourage others to get on board with v4 (which must be good for us all!)

Mike F

My biggest problem switching from 3.3 to 4 has been resource consumtion. 12 audio tracks with effects on 3.3 would run in 30 to 35 percent consumtion while 4. runs well into the 60’s and 70’s, and even locking up. not sure what is causing this since the only change has been 4.0.1 Maybe it is a conflict with my older puter and programs, not rocket scientist enough to know. I’m from cowboy and indian days anyway.

If you are on Windows 98 and are experienceing a resource consumption problem, make sure you are on build 1703 (or later) of NT4. There was a bug in earlier versions that would use up resources anytime you had a part of a waveform selected.