3 second countdown before recording begins?

Is there a setting I am missing that will allow for a 3 or 5 second countdown between the time I hit the record button and the time the recording actually begins?

Sometimes I need to re-record at the very beginning of the project , meaning bar 1 , beat 1, and by the time I hit the record button then move my hand to the guitar I have lost a few beats.

I know I could just drag all the files over a measure or two but in large projects that can be cumbersome and was hoping this feature was available.


No, it’s easy.
Set your zoom so you can see every file in the song.
Make sure snap-to grid is on and the grid resolution is set to measures.
Hold down shift and your left mouse button (shift+click) and drag to select all the files.
Grab the little cross on any file who’s left edge is on a gridline and drag it a measure or two to the right. All the files will move with it without changing their relative positions.
The only thing that would make it difficult would be if you had time-signature changes in the song.

Right, Cap – well, tempo changes would also cause problems.

We usually leave a few empty bars at the front of the song while recording, and edit it out last thing (e.g., before mastering).

Maybe there is such a feature though – I know it’s been asked for a few times.

EDIT/insert - in pop up menu you will see two number box’s FROM 00 00 00 - and TO 00 00 00 - change TO to 00 03 00 - select all tracks and move markers and move tempo then click insert - you now have 3 seconds of empty space at the start of your song -

move cursor into smpte/frame numbers strip on top of timeline - cursor will change to a hand - right click - select add marker here with name - select INTRO - move marker to start of song - on playback you have a countdown to when the song starts –

Dr J

Right & thanks Dr – I forgot about that one! That should take care of tempo and signature changes. (IIRC, there used to be a bug and it didn’t, but hopefully that’s fixed.)