3 songs recorded in n-track

also looking for drummer

the 3 songs after the first were recorded and mixed in n-track. and the first track was mixed in n-track using built-in fx.
im learning recording engineering as i go…its a lot of fun but a lot of work…oy

on another note…me and my bass player are looking for a drummer in the chicago area to play with…i know its a long shot but eh…i love the community this forum…its another place to try.

thanks everyone for all your knowledge


Ehhh? Songs are posted somewhere?

Hi aspiringWanderer:
You might find exactly who you’re interested in finding if you ask around at artistcollaboration.com

I think the link is this one

You’ll find some pretty HOT drummers there… There might even be some from your area that hang out on that site…

Some of them might even hang out here, from time-to-time…


too much coffee or ADS


heh…tspringer…you heard them before
im basically trying all the familiar to sites to meet other musicians in my area.

i remember your tunes and you posted your son’s material i believe…i recall he has a good voice.
nice to see you again

and thanks wox for the tip


Quote (aspiringWanderer @ Nov. 14 2006,20:08)
on another note..me and my bass player are looking for a drummer in the chicago area to play with..i know its a long shot but eh...i love the community this forum..its another place to try.

If you don't mind paying air fare from Ohio a few times a week. :D

heh…ill let you know if i was in a large label


Hi John

I still like your music - and its nice that you remember our earlier chats . Glad to have time to spend with N-track folks again. Good luck finding a good drummer. A really good drummer can be a real inspiration.