3 tones every 20 seconds... but i'm registered!!

my n-track seems confused… please HELP

so, I’ve been using ntrack for a couple years, and have been pretty happy w/ it… haven’t had many problems, but today i got totally stumped.

when i play a project in n-track, i get a popup text blurb that says I have an Evaluation version, and it will insert a sound every 20 seconds. Sure enough, the sounds come in, making it impossible to actually work on tracks. the notes are an organ playing something like D D# D… is that something ntrack is doing or do i have an eval plugin somewhere that is reaking havoc?

i registered n-Track sometime back in the 3.x days, and also paid for the update to 4.x… the features have all been unlocked and everything has been working until today. FWIW, this only started happening after I switched to ASIO drivers for my Delta 44, which I tried today because I’ve been having latency issues. However, the problem persists, even after switching back to the MME drivers I had been using. Then I downloaded 4.16 and registered it… still the same probs.

i’d appreciate any help in resolving this asap… i’m in the middle of a few recording projects, and this is killing me.


I suspect that you only have the 16bit version of n-track and that the Delta (a 24 bit card) is making n-track think you are running in 24 bit.

You might be able to workaround by using different drivers… not sure…

I too run a Delta 44 - the step up to 24 bit is well worth it.



I had the exact same problem recently using a 24bit Presonus firebox but I managed to solve the problem. Here’s what I went through.

If you have the 16bit version of the program and if you select your cards AIO driver in the preferences/recording/audio devices menu all recording and playback will be in 24bits but your nTracks is only 16bits.

What you should do is instead of selecting ASIO, use the WDM drivers. These drivers work in 24bit also but you can force them to 16bit. Here’s how to do it. If you switch to the WDM driver and still get the registration problem click on the hammer on the PLAYBACK METER, under BITS make sure 16 is selected.

If this is not working, re-install your audio drivers and make sure you disable you virus protection. My Norton protection was set so high it would not let me install something windows recognized as creditted. Apparently this is a common installation problem with 24bit sound drivers.

If you really really want to use ASIO drivers then buy the 24bit nTrack upgrade. I did this as a first step but I regret it cause my cpu cannot handle this without setting a totally unworkable latency setting.

if all else fails, let flavio know. he’ll send you instructions on how to reset the registration in your n-track. I had this happen to me after an update. I had to reset it and then it recognized my codes as legit.

Thanks everyone. I wound up upgrading to the 24 bit version, and switching to the WDM drivers. My latency problem has improved a good deal and the beeping went away.