3 tunes

3 n-Track tunes

Praia, Very Late
Fusion-ish instrumental.

Burned Your Letters
Rock instrumental

Oops!.. I Did it Again
Metal version of the Britney Spears song. Could be much better, but it took way longer than I intended and I just got sick of working on it and worrying about it. It was just supposed to be a joke anyway. That’s my friend, Jodee Frawlee singing.

From both recording and compositional standpoints, Praia is incredible. Great job. Amazing lead tone. I could listen to this all day.

…There’s a little bit o’ clipping going on (even more in Burned Your Letters)… Fix that and you’ll have some super nice mixes.

Thanks man!
All the guitars are from a direct out of my Pod Pro, which I use only as an amp/cab simulator (don’t use any effects except wah). IIRC the clipping is largely an artifact of how much I compressed them (squished 'em like a bug) and the mp3 conversion to make them web-friendly.

Unless someone comes out and says “Oh my God! How can you put your name on that?” I’m not planning on revisiting or remixing them anytime soon. I get more done if I just put things to bed and move on.


Hi Karl,
Yeah, I like Praia a lot too, I’m a sucker for harmony guitar.
Some other nice guitar stuff going in Burned Your Letters as well.
Nice to see you on the board again.