31 new effects, synths and stand alones!!

KVR developer challenge

Over at KVR there has been a ‘Developer Challenge’ going on for a few months. We devs have finally all crawled out of our caves, and the fruits of our labours have been released onto the world…



There will be voting opening in a few days… go see!!


Nice !

Which do you recommend? I am a member there but I can’t really download everything KVR has to offer…there is tooooo much… :)


Duncan that is way too cool. Thanks for the heads up. What riches. :)

edit: just look at all the stuff! a transient EQ! Cool odd synths! Questionable graphics! :D

Again, this is great stuff, Duncan! Which one is yours? I’ll go back and look mroe carefull…

ahh… errrr…
What do I recommend? I have to be careful here!!

I’ve dl/ed all of them, but not had chance to try them - that comes tonite (hopefully).

I like the look of spacedads one (the badly drawn UI), and I know that Pushtec is very good, but you need to work out how the UI works… The standalone ‘Lunchbox battles’ is proving very popular…

I wrote EQ22, a 5band EQ with a proprietry ‘Transient Dispersion’ algorithm to reintroduce dynamics into a compressed sound. It’s in honour of JP22 who made an ass of himself on recording.org last year. For those who remember, EQ22 has a tube section for those who don’t own one!

What to download? I would have a look at the pictures and brief descriptions and think about what you might like, there’s something for everyone. If you’re not a big synth user, then the bassline synths maynot be for you, but the piano might be. If you can’t abide standalones because you can’t use them in NTrack, then that narrows the options… Go for what appeals :)


Hey, thanks! some of them appear to be very usefull.

I’m gonna try the Drive5 amp sim, BuzzrizzerFree (mastering compressor and Choralozoide(harmonizer auto tuner for my off pitch vocals!)
Any plans to make MME versions of these?

keep shinin’


I had a fast fiddle with the aoutotuner, but I could not get anything but weirdness.

Maybe I should play with it the weekend a little more.

Just loading it up at the office, loading a preset and listening to it for 20 seconds doesn’t count as testing.


Cool - your EQ was the first thing that jumped out when I scanned the list, duncan. And I didn’t know it was yours. :D

Thanks for the post and insight…


Voting has opened…



Wow, there are some good, really good plugins in that lot. I am totaly geeked with the fact that you made a transient enhander, and I really like your tube emulation, duncan. Another great plug in is the Pultec emulation, sounds great and has a beautiful GUI. And that 25 band compressor, but it only works at 44100? The MST VS-1000R really sounds great, but what a CPU hog! :) And the MASB Compressor is really quality work too. And a nice, bright “grand piano!” This is a great collection of plug ins.


I tried that choralozoid but just got weirdness rather than anything useful… I think cloning tracks and pitch shifting with choris would give more useable vocal effects… depenmds what effect you are going for I guess though…
will try a few of the interesting looking synths over the next few days too

Hey RIch, or anyone what does the effect Chorazoloid look like inside Ntrack?

I downloaded it, amd unzipped, installed it into Ntracks plugs, then poof, nothing.

Went and looked in Pluggins, I got so much stuff in there mostly stuff that comes with other software buddles, don’t even know what to look for.

Yeah TOm I’m not to big on that 44 limitation myself. I had too record something new in 44 just see how the darn thing works.
Was just going to convert a 48000 or 96 to 44 but we ALL know what happens when you do that!
ANother technoid question for someone, what do you use to open a rar. file?

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:


comes up in my list of VST plugins as "Choralozoid"




I’m telling you, the PushTec is wonderful. :)

And the 25 band EQ, even with the 44100 limitation, is very nice sounding.

Gad, duncan, how can I vote on this stuff? :D

Has anybody been able to get the Choralzoid plugin to create harmonies while plugged into N-track? Ive been able to get it to work as a doubler that also provides some additional interesting effects. What I am hearing so far is sort of doubling combined with a resonant filter + a reverby thing + something else. My initial impression is that the plugin has some real promise even without the pitch shifting functions. But I havent been able to get it to pitch shift a single note.

Thanks for the posting Duncan. This makes me feel like Christmas came in October!


Quote (TomS @ Oct. 08 2006,10:24)


I'm telling you, the PushTec is wonderful. :)

And the 25 band EQ, even with the 44100 limitation, is very nice sounding.

Gad, duncan, how can I vote on this stuff? :D

Thanks TOm,

to answer your question when I go to the page and sign in (which you have to do to download) it shows 5 feilds that you can ajust
FIRST choice,
Second choice so on so forth.
under that the tab reads submit votes.

keep shinin'

jerm :cool:

Jeemy, I was actually asking: how could I possibly rank these? I think Duncan’s may actually be the most important, since AFAIK it’s the only free transient enhancing/uncompressing thing out there. But the Pushtec is cool, some of the synths are cool, even the lucnch box jam box is cool. :D