32bit vs 64biti all,

Hi all,
I used ntrack back in v6 many years ago… been dabbling with Reaper a little since then, but not really done much. Rediscovered ntrack 8 and bought the upgrade.
I have installed 32 bit and the 64 bit version - do people generally install both?

I have one DXi that is 32bit only, other than that is there any good reason why not to just use 64 bit all of the time?


Probably not. And track has a “Wrapper” that will allow you to use 32 bit applications in a 64-bit computer. It won’t work the other way though if you have a 32 bit computer you have to use 32 bit programs will plug-ins unless you have a special programs to make them work. 64-bit give you more available memory so it’s a good deal. I have found that some plug-ins do not do too well when you combine a multi track recording using both 32 bit and 64 bit plug-ins in the same song. No reason why that should be happening but it is. Personally I’d give it a try it’s worth having that extra memory available that comes with using 64-bit Windows

Thanks for the reply… I have 8GB in my laptop so figured 64bit was the way to go.