35 below

like wow man thats cold

Have ya ever dug the cold at -35 below 0?,the trees are makin a creaking sound,for you europeans that is -63 below freezing point,
glad I got a big pile of dry oak to burn,I have it 90 in my lil place,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
thats a difference of 125 degrees tween inside and outside,YEEOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Get closer to the equator!


It got down to 11F here last night… but it will be back in the mid 40’s/low 50’s by Saturday afternoon. Winter in north Alabammy; It may get cold, but it don’t stay long.


It’s brutal over here…
My furnace is cycling…
20 minutes on and 10 minutes off…
It burns 1.25 gal. per hour…

The dawg days of winter…


[EDIT] Oh Yea… The wind blows in… and the wind blows out… There’s a lot of weather going somewhere… The sky is perfectly clear… but… the sun is too low in the sky to make any heat…

Wow, and I thought it was bad here at -5F.

OMG, you guys take care in this crap!

made it down to 6f here this morning, posed to get worse tonight here.


Sigh… it is global climate change… As the average temperature of the globe goes up… odd ball weather patterns occur. Droughts, blizzards, hurricane intensity and frequency… so, it seems pretty much in line. :D

I blame it on Gore. He invented Global Warming as an afterthought to the internet… :p


We hit a record -19 F.

But I’ve been in colder places!

-12F is the coldest i’ve worked in, here in central oregon 2 years ago.