'Nobody knows you - when you're down and out'

I want to chop it to bits.

I’m toying with the idea of doing this fantastic old jazz tune. Based on the Chris Barber/Ottilie Patterson V. A ukulele and kazoo to replace the trombone. Been busy cutting samps of the drums to load into nTD.

The singer wants to sing along with the original but the tempo is all over the place - so I’ve started to chop it up into bars - pain in the…

Any quick fixes would be welcome?

ask Poppa to do a drum track.

Ok, Pop’. Does that mean that I can give ‘you’ the job of gettin’ the tempo of the original true so that the singest can get in her comfort zone? :laugh:

and bring it into the digital arena?

Is this the tune Lennon did?
'Scuse my ignorance…


Sorry…strike that.
Thinkin about the lyric that can’t be an old jazz toon.



Could be, dude. But I’ve never respected any other v apart from Bessy S’s :agree:

I’m at rehearsal on my phone right now but yea… I’ll work with you on it. :agree:


Any quick fixes would be welcome?

Like you say - Nobody knows you when you're down and out

ahh found this thread - lay some details on me Tony!

What’s the best way to bung you a copy of the original?

Email it to my profile address.

Pop! It’s in your box.