4.0.3 Crashes on 4.0.2 files

Also doesn’t save effects.

I just installed 4.0.3 (1722) in place of 4.0.2 (1708).

My projects are only audio, not MIDI.

4.0.3 loads and I can record a new wave file or load an existing wave file, but .sng files created in 4.0.2 will not load into 4.0.3. I get crash with the error code naming ntrack.exe. 4.0.2 was working just fine before the upgrade.

If I create a new wave track in 4.0.3 and add an effect, like n-track reverb, save out the .sng file, and then reload the .sng file, the effect does not load with the file, i.e. it is not present in the effects window and cannot be heard with the sound. I uninstalled 4.0.3 and reinstalled 4.0.2 and the .sng file made with 4.0.3 loads with the effect active again.

I have not done extensive testing, but the problem seems to be related to plug-in effects.

I am in the middle of an album project and cannot afford to have problems with n-track right now. I have kept the reinstall of 4.0.2 and will continue my work, but I cannot stay stuck in 4.0.2 forever. Before I spend anymore time with this problem, I want to know if anyone else have been having this problem.

I am running Windows 98SE. I do not want to upgrade to XP until my next major system upgrade which is about a year away.

Build 1725 has been posted. Give that one a try. It fixed that problem for me.

I am using build 1725 and when I load in my songs. The effects settings and VSTi have been lost.

If I create a new song with 1725 save it and reload it, it recalls all of the effects and VSTi perfectly. So it could be the problem only occurs when loading songs created with builds prior to 1725, or it could be a bug that’s crept in when Flavio added the plugin listing feature.

I am bit unsure of what is happening because I had an old version of Cubase on my system that I uninstalled, and when I ran nTrack I got a Rewire load error which disappeared after I installed 1725. I am wondering if the uninstall of Cubase has anything to do with my plugin problems :(

Thanks, phoo, for the suggestion. I tried build 1725 and it seems to have fixed the problem. As of now, Flavio hasn’t posted the changes log for build 1725, so I don’t know if that problem was specifically addressed by that build, or the fix was an outcome of another change.

I will continue testing to see if any new problems occur. I did have one crash of n-track upon exit, but that hasn’t happened since I rebooted, so perhaps the reboot fixed the problem.