4.0 conflicts with power tracks 9.0

access violation with 4.0 installed

have been using power tracks pro audio 9.0 and ntracks 3.3 on my laptop-- no problems. i recently installed the demo version of 4.0 and there was an immediate conflict. when using power tracks, i would get an access violation (at address 10002BA9 in module dxirewire.dll). if i uninstall 4.0, the problem goes away.
to complicate the issue even further, i can run both these programs together on my desk top with no problem whatsoever.
Here are the differences: laptop has win xp home ed, 256 ram, celeron 2.4 gHz and a sigma tel cmajor sound card.
the desktop has win xp prof. ed, 512 ram, amd athlon xp and creative sb audigy platinum sound card.
anyone out there seen this problem??
Flavio Antonioli hope you’re reading this? is this a bug that can be fixed in a future update. I’d really like to buy 4.0 but won’t give up power tracks to do it.
need help big time----