4.0.No aux return envelopes in build 1845

aux send and return envelopes

using v4.0.5, build 1845

When I click on the return aux volume envelopes, they do not appear. I’ve tried this same version on Windows 2000 and XP and at different visual resolutions and I still don’t see them. I searched through the forum but couldn’t find anything specific. Please help!

In my files, it looks like ver 2299 was the last issue of 4.0. Try downloading that one and see if the problem is still there. I don’t recall havin an issue with that in 2099
I am sorry, but I do not have the site where older versions can be downloaded, but I know there is one. You may have to write Flavio for it if no one posts it for you here - you might do a search on the forum and find it.

I have ver 4 on disc - I’ll check which release it was - any chance you still have codes for it?

Edit - - Here is a link to Ver 4 Archive - n ver 4 download
Bottom right hand side of page.

I downloaded it to see which ver it was but halted install to save my ver 5 on this machine. I have no idea what build it is though.

The above link is build 1694. 3/10/2004

I’ll look for the site in the mean time. I’d hate to have to change versions now…I’m nearing the end of a project and don’t want to take that on. I tried a few builds after 1845 and just reverted back when they locked or crashed. Yes, I still have my codes for v4.

Here’s the link to download older versions.

Older version downloads

You seem to be using a build after the net.runtime was required, maybe using the last build of 4 will solve your problem, or make it worse. One way or the other. oh well.

The last build for v4 is 2099, there is a version 4 before net. runtime was required also (4.0.4).