4.03 bug report

destructive edit problem

I tried to send this to Flavio on the feedback form, but not sure it worked, so here it is again just in case.

I discovered that the destructive edit feature apparently doesn’t compensate for plugin latency.

I discovered this when doing some Autotune work to fix a couple of notes in a vocal track where only selected ranges of the file are processed, not the entire file.

I was able to confirm this behavior by taking two identical files on separate tracks and adding SIR (100% dry) to one and destructively editing it with this (dry) effect. The resulting file was offset by exactly 8960 samples, the same as SIR’s plugin latency value.

Hopefully this can be fixed because n-Track’s destructive edit feature for a selected range is extremely useful with Autotune (if the latency issue is resolved).

The option in preferences was set to “compensate for plugin latency” and I actually tried it both ways with the same results.

No comments from Flavio on this one?

No comment so far. I have feeing this is the same kind of problem that causes the volume curves to not compensate either, though mixed files (submixes especially) sometimes do compensate and you’d expect them not to be offset.

I’ve just uploaded build 1730 which fixes the problem with plug-in latency compensation & destructive effects processing.


Hi Flavio - thanks for the fix! It seems to be fine now when using it for a selected range (which is what I needed). But when using the “whole file” choice on the destructive edit dialog it’s still not compensating.