4.03 getting more stable

working very nicely now

I must admit the latest build have been getting better. I have had far less problems, It my be just me, but I find it working very solid, I have build 1737, Now it is up to 1742 I am going to wait a few more builds to update since none of the last affected me much, I am able to get a lot done using sound fonts right now. Flavio seems to be working out more of the buggies all the time. I am finding this to be close to as stable as the old 3.3 version. On another issue, I am getting very happy with the new plugins, they seem very nice and usable too, I am using them more and more combined with the classic stuff seems to do what i need.

I have tried the SIR stuff but it seems to heavy, any tips any of you might have would be appreciated.