4.03 problem

N-Tracks in now crashing on me when ever i try to use an fx in the aus sends. i install then and all is great i get the mix like i want and then is i save my work and reopen it pops up the error window from XP and N crashes

Which build do you have? That is suspociously similar to a problem 1722 or 1723 had. It got fixed in 1725 on my machine.

I have 1725 the lastest one and it also did that on 1722, so i upgraded and to no avail!! It seems to happen mostly with VST fx plugins

It probably is specific to a plug-in you have then. Flavio maybe be able to fix it if you can find out which plug-in is causing the problem and let him know. I had a problem with a reverb conflicting with the n-Tracks multi-band compressor. Flavio fixed it in the next build…whatever that was. I don’t remember which build right now.

Move half the VST’s out of the vst folder and see if the song will load. If it will move all the ones that work out to a safe folder and move the other half back in, and so on, halfing the vst’s each time. Eventually, only the one or ones that don’t work will be obvious.