4.1 demo -- old formats aren't recognized

Di I have to confirg this demo so they upload the old formatted ntracks?

Dan Sweigert ???

What kind of error are you getting? Are you using the latest build?

4.1 build 1962

…and the error says? (as Jason asked)

What version and build were the songs created with?

V4 is backwards compatible to some versions, but not way back, and maybe not even back to some early beta builds of V4 (beta is beta). There are other reasons songs can’t be opened as well besides vesion differences.

trying to load 2.3 songs…what happens to all those tunes?

Ah, that could be a problem. Maybe try importing them all into 3.3 and then to 4.1? I’ve never tried it, but it’s worth a shot.

Someone will have a solution.

- Former Memberj


I guess if you don’t have a copy of 3.x handy…

Try saving the song in PACKED SONG FORMAT (be sure to turn off compression) and then try importing into 4.1.

Again, it may not work, but if you’ve got no other options…

I don’t think packed songs were available in 2.3.

I think 3.3 to 4.1 is the best bet by far…maybe the only way.

I’d suggest emailing Flavio and telling him the dilemma, but I fell like it’s only worth a try after paying for 4.1. The upgrade to 4.0 was free to 3.3 users that bought it after a specific date.

If there’s not a lot of editing in the tracks it would probably be better to import the waves into a new song and start over with them. There are some definite differences in the mixes created in earlier versions and imported into later versions. Some of the problem is bugs in the way newer versions handle older versions. Many of those have been fixed, but I think there are still differences. Another thing to consider is installed plug-ins. Sometimes plug-ins that are referenced in old songs cause problems when the plug-in aren’t still installed.

Quote (phoo @ Sep. 30 2005,21:28)
I don’t think packed songs were available in 2.3.

Packed Song Format was actually introduced in version 2.2.1, and used WMA instead of OGG compression.

Cool! There’s a chance it may work then. Definitely worth a try.

personally, i would send in a support form about the problem. most of my old projects were done in v3 and 3.3, so i sent in ALOT of bug reports until those projects were opening in 4.1. i didn’t really have any v2 projects to test on. likely, he is going to ask you to send him the original project files one way or another.

I agree. It’s an incentive to upgrade from 2.x to 4.x. Why would someone upgrade if none of their existing projects will open anymore?

Thanks guys…great help. I’ll probably just imporr the wavs into 4.0…as soon as Flavio find my original reg on 2.3…it’s been 7-8 years and I don’t envy him trying to find my registration from that era.

Looking forward to it…