4.3.screwing up active desktop when I save

Since installing 4.3. everytime I save I get an illegal operation message and my active desktop goes into inactive mode.This doesn’t effect the save,but it is quite annoying and distracting.I tried a search and turned up nothing.Any help appreciated!

Wish I knew what to say that would help your issue with 98, but I had gotten so frustrated with 98 long ago that I ditched it for XP Home and never looked back.

Hmm, I doubt if it is the cause of your illegal operations, but I believe an Active Desktop is on the list of NoNos for Audio recording.



I switched to XP a couple of months ago myself for my main recording computer and I am still using nTrack 3.3 so I haven’t been through the pains of version updates that everyone else seems to be suffering.

I haven’t mentioned this on the forum but I have mentioned it to Flavio. V4 is overwriting memory a little bit somewhere. I haven’t nailed down exactly what action is doing it. I get some VERY odd results when it happens depending on what memory is overwritten.

Sometime explorer.exe crashes, sometimes ntrack.exe, sometimes there a graphic glitch, like screwed up fonts and menus, and the oddest by far is random file running. This one will set you back when it happens. It’s as if an exe on the hard drive has been double-clicked and starts to run. That exe might be an install exe. I’ve had two small utilities spontaneously install themselves.

Yes, this could be a symptom of a virus, but I’ve narrowed it down to n-tracks unfortunately (fortunately it’s not a virus though). Just yesterday there was a blank dialog pop up when I dragged a track to change its location in the time line. When I dropped the track an ActiveMovie dialog popped to the front. It was nothing more than the titlebar and frame.

Anyway, the memory overwrite is VERY small. Maybe only a byte or two (less than a page size - 4k), but it is enough to make things really bad or small enough that it does nothing bad. It depends on what it hits.

By the way, the reason I haven’t mentioned this is because it can be a REAL pain to find and just mentioning it may be enough to make folks think Flavio isn’t doing enough to fix it, which isn’t the case at all. In reality this kind of thing is almost impossible to find sometimes. even with a near 100% repro. The repro only happens the next time the overwritten memory get used, and that could be any time at all. For example, I moved a track. That action probably didn’t overwrite the memory, but it simply tried to use the overwritten memory. Who overwrote the memory is still a mystery.

i have the same thing… never seen anything like it before… i use win98 se, no ‘active’ desktop but ‘normal’ one. sometimes when I save a n-track project all desktop icons are gone! can’t get them back except when i login again…


Quote (phoo @ Dec. 05 2004,02:37)
Yes, this could be a symptom of a virus, but I've narrowed it down to n-tracks unfortunately (fortunately it's not a virus though). Just yesterday there was a blank dialog pop up when I dragged a track to change its location in the time line. When I dropped the track an ActiveMovie dialog popped to the front. It was nothing more than the titlebar and frame.

I've had a very similar experience w/dialog boxes and the ActiveMovie thing.
Funny thing is,when I first installed everything ran fine.Over the course of several hours things became progressively more funky.It became unusable after a time.I uninstalled and reinstalled and it was better,if not perfect.
I have my old version(2.2)still on the computer.Don't know if that could have any bearing.It's in a different folder.
I was wondering if a clean install of Windows would help.I would hate to do that 'cause my comp has been running perfectly.It'd be worth it if ntrack runs right,but a waste of time if it doesn't solve anything.Any opinions on that appreciated!

I’ve been seeing the ActiveMovie windows among one or two others (can’t think of them right now). I also see explorer.exe crash every once in awhile. It doesn’t seem to be consistent enough for me to nail down what process I was doing when it happened though. Those windows are hard to close down even after n-Track is closed. I’m running WinXP SP1. Glad I’m not alone here… I thought I was crazy! :p

well if several people have this kind of problem with 4.x a windows-re-install is probably not gonna help, i think it is something n-track related… tiny memory leak somewhere?


I run on W2K, which fortunately has memory management turned on, helping to catch some of these. Occasionally I get an error message that a memory location can’t be written – almost always, it’s when I shut down n-Track, rather than when doing some operation.

I’ve learned that programs that crash in exit() often do so because they’ve overwritten memory that’s been freed, destroying heap control info. Not sure whether that’s the case here, of course. Yes, they’re nasty bugs to find, but find 'em you must!

I have explorer.exe crash on me too, but it’s always when I’m shutting down. but after reading this it occured to me that it seems to do it after I’ve used n-track. It doesn’t affect me though, since I just “end now” and I’m already shutting my computer down anyways.

yes, stuff like that… strange… hopefully something can be done about it…


I, too, have been experiencing the explorer.exe crash when trying to shut down Windows. I thought it was related to Iomega QuickSync, but come to think of it I may have started when I first installed n-Track. When I get the explorer.exe crash I cannot get the error notice to close and shut down the PC. I have to do a hardware reboot, then shut down.

Since this seems to be a common problem, does anybody know if Flavio has been specifically notified of it and if he is actively working on a solution. I am changing over an entire album project from PowerTracks Pro to n-Track and wouldn’t want to continue doing that if n-Track has a memory management problem that isn’t getting fixed.

I’ve talked to him about it, which is one reason I don’t feel too comfortable posting about it here. I know he’s working on it, but it’s not an easy thing to find. It can be as simple as allocating a string one byte to short (overwrite) or passing in “&string” instead of “string” in the code when working with text (this would be an underwrite). The compiler won’t complain and you won’t see the problem until WAY later. This kind of thing needs to be found by reviewing the code (or by using special utilities that cost thousands of dollars) and since apps like this are thousands of lines, and there is one guy doing it (and can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars), it can take a while to find.

Be patient. Flavio is as good as they get when it comes to getting things fixed.

good, we’ll be patient and keep fingers crossed.


i tried the new build but still no luck. random crashes of explorer.exe when opening a project. when i re-open n-track, open the same project again: everything fine…

I see Build 1727 has been posted, but the “What Changed” page has not been updated since Build 1721. Anybody know what chaged in Builds 1722-1727?