4/4-127bpm to 3/4-99 and back?

can it be done in ntrack midi?

A friend needs a fairly simple programmed drum part for a song we are recording, but it starts out 4/4, slows down and switches to 3/4 for about 10 bars, then switches back (using a fermata at each end to mask the change). Has anyone else tried to do that in n? Any tips? I know I can do it with leafdrums, but I have really gotten used to using soundfonts in ntrack’s midi, and would love to keep it in the program.

Thanks in advance!
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Click on the metronome icon, click on Tempo, then you can enter the time sig and BPM at any point in the song.

You can even draw pretty curves to give smoothly changing tempo’s.

Dunno how to deal with fermata’s though. Except perhaps a squirt with a really virulent roach spray? ???


Fermata are no trouble; you just have to hold them! :)

Thanks for the tip; I’ll give it a try later tonight…

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It was right there all along… It figures!

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