4 tracks at once

Recording 4 mono tracks

How can you arm 4 tracks to record all at the same time, like in a drum booth instance? I can get 2 mono tracks but with I try to arm 3 and 4 it disarms the others? The hammer Icon doesn’t even look to have more than a 2 channel option. I have a Delta 44 sound card w/break out box…

Im on a Dell PC. So I assume windows is the DRIVER?

Im still learning


What drivers are you using?

Go into the Audio Drivers section in the Preferences and make sure you have all the of Delta’s inputs enabled for recording. When you do this you should then get VU Recording meters for all the channels. Make sure the little red dot under the VUs is lit up for the channels you want to record.

You should then be able to add tracks and arm them all. Did you know though that if you just hit record n-track will add the tracks for you? You can even enable an option that forces n-track to ask for the track names to make things easier.



Hi, as XonXoff said. When you are in the Audio Drivers section in the Preferences hold shift and click i/p1/2 and i/p 3/4 so they both get selected at once.

if you are using ASIO drivers then you will only have 2 tracks to arm as all ASIO inputs are in pairs -

track one consists of Delta inputs 1 and 2 (1 to left channel 2 to right) and track two will contain Delta inputs 3 and 4 (3 to the left channel 4 to the right) -

you can split the tracks later to obtain the 4 single tracks you want later -

if however you switch to WDM or (not recommended MME) drivers you will have 4 seperate tracks to work with -

Dr J

The WDM drivers on my Delta 44 are rock solid.

Thank for all the insite everyone. Im going to give it a shot tonight.

I edited my post for clairty.

So if I have all of Deltas inputs enabled and I hit the record button on N-track it should add all 4 tracks for me?

(nick) Are you speaking of the audio driver section in N-track?

Thanks again


yes and yes.

I got all the tracks to arm and record. That was the key. Thanks a ton.

I got the chipmunk sound once, but I restarted and it quit. It moved the record speed up or something.

One more question, is the WDM the best driver for input and out put? I had like 3 or 4 to chose from: sound mapper, WDM, MME, and another…


“WDM” is fine.

“MME” is old (but often reliable) but is not good at low latency (if that bothers you in your application).

The “other” may have been ASIO. Similar low latencies to WDM but sometimes more fiddly to get going. (WDM is a windows standard, ASIO is a third party - Steinberg).

“Sound mapper” will use whatever if configured in windows via the Control Panel. In other words it just “points” to one of the other driver types. Best avoided.