48k Sample Rate Question

I posted awhile back about having a problem with the first track which was a .wav file I imported playing fine but subsequent tracks started of on time but eventually began lagging…I changed my sample rate to 48k (I’m using an SB card) and that seemed to clear that up…Thanks for those who provided suggestions.

When I started over at the new sample rate (48k), I imported another .wav, n-Track asked if I wanted to convert it from 44.1k to 48k…I said “No” and it seemed to play just fine…I imported another .wav file and this one I DID convert to 48k and it seems to play fine as well…All tracks seem to be on time with one another…All tracks are “dry”, no apparent lag…

Now, my question: will the imported .wav at a 44.1k sample rate pose any problems when adding effects, mixing down, etc?

And, my second question: when I mix down all of the tracks, do i just select the mix down sample rate to 44.1k, or are there other steps I need to make so that it the mixed down file is ready to burn to cd?

Hope that’s clear…If not, just ask and I’ll attempt to clarify…



mmm… it sound strange. Playing a 44.1k wav file in a 48k project will give you a more “faster tempo” wav file, slighty but noticieable. If you are on a 48k project you MUST convert them all the tracks to 48k.