Well, I’m going to take a stab at the 50/90 thing again. I’m only shooting for 20 or so. We’ll see. Anyone else? :D



I feel better now that you’ve signed up…
I was gonna come over there, and,
draw a line in the sand…
I guess now, I’ll stay home…


Well, lots of folks only do a few songs, but there are lots of folks to listen to stuff, so, by all means, sing up, Bill!!!

Today’s effort is up:


Not inspired, but still a song!!1 :)

Go Tom!

I was up for it then realised that 10 days had already passed by the time I looked…

Long time! How have you been?
Go sign up anyway.
I’m only planning on 20 or so.
Crazy work schedule, and the kids actually want me to do things for them like drive them to the roller skating rink and stuff.

Go sign up!
Do it now!
Do it!

I’m thinking next year - which will inevitably lead to divorce, destitution and living out my remainder in a skip.

At least you’ll be living in a skip!

C’mon, guys, we don’t need to do 50. 5 from you guys would make this world a better place.


Tom...I might actually be tempted but...hhmmm....14 in 28 was hard enough....DON'T ENCOURAGE ME!!!!......I may make a rash decision... :laugh:

Go on, Craig!

Commit to 10 or 20. Keep me company. I had time today and didn’t use it. Shame on me. :)