50% cpu usage

after n has shut down

I was just trying to open some old v4 files with v5 2155. Had some crashes and sent the dumps to Flavio as requested. Started cruising the net, piddling around. Then for no particular reason I opened task manager. Guess what the cpu usage was at 50% with nothing open no apps showing in TM. Looked in the process tab and ntrack.exe was using the cpu. But it had been closed for some time. Or at least should have been.
Maybe some of my problems with n is that, if there is a crash it doesn’t let go. So when I open it up again there are two n running.
I’m running an Intel core duo e6600 dual core 2.4ghz, moderate sized video card(an evga something) and the machine really flies, normaly.
Anyone else notice this kind of behavior?
The only thing that I have been doing lately that could? have an impact. Is playing with Reaper. Shouldn’t be a conflict should there?

That can happen after an app crashes. A crash shouldn’t always but can leave a process running. A reboot should fix it. Multiple crashes can leave multiple process going, and sometimes they can’t be killed in task manager. Yes, you are right that it could be some of your problems. WinXp needs rebooting so little by comparison that I find myself not rebooting when I should sometimes. It’s good to do a full cold reboot when dealing with sound cards sometimes as well. That can force a reset of the hardware that may not take place when doing a warm reboot. I’ve run into that quite a few times.

I don’t know anything about Reaper, but there could be an unintentional conflict, especially if it deals with the MIDI devices or uses ASIO. Forgive me if it doesn’t. ASIO is application specific – just one at a time. MIDI hardware devices are exclusive also. Apps get around it by releasing the devices when they aren’t using them. Some apps do this better than others.

FWIW, I have n-Track V5 (latest build) and REAPER installed. They both work co-exist and work fine. n-Track still has a few quirks and bugs but it runs pretty well.


Yep I’ve been doing some wierd things with bthe two programs (ntracks and Reaper). I’ve been trying to get two soundcards two work at the same time using asio drivers. One an old Gadgetlabs 8/24 and a new emu 1212m. tried opening Reaper with the emu asio and then slaving n (using the Gl asio drivers) to to Reaper via mtc. This worked after a fashion they both recorded they both started and stopped together but the wave file timing varied over the length of the song. N kept getting farther behind. Moving the files into Reaper and lining them up showed that the n files were stretched over time (or the Reaper files were scrunched whichever). oddly when I tried the same thing with two instances of Reaper, not synced but manually starting them and then lining up the files everything was ok. Go figure. Anyway I now can record 20 tracks at once. Never need to but