64 bit plugs?

Can’t find plugins for winxp64

I’ve just got my new machine up and installed N. No soundcard yet but I’ve noticed that none of my vst or directx plugs work. They instal but N doesn’t see them. All of the N-track plugs however are there and work just fine.
? Are there any other plugs that work in 64 bit?
Sonar has a bit bridge but it isn’t free or as far as I know available without buying Sonar.

Be warned that the term “64-bit” when applied to plugins can mean two totally different things: 64-bit audio vs. 64-bit application. The two are independent: a plugin can be neither, either, or both. You want 64-bit application, not necessarily 64-bit audio.

Fortunately your question makes it clear what you’re looking for.